Mesquite Social Services

9/11/18 - Currently we have funding for our entire service area (75149, 75150, 75159, 75180, 75181, 75182. Or 75043 or 75253 AND child in MISD) for those who qualify.

Each household is eligible to receive assistance with utility - MSS accepts most electric companies (except TXU, Frontier, and Entrust), City of Mesquite Water, Atmos, or rent one time per year as our funding allows.  Walk-ins for financial assistance are taken on Wednesdays starting at 10:00 am; until the allotted number of clients has been reached (typically 15 clients unless otherwise noted). Please note, many clients line up before we open. Clients must have all required documentation ready when they arrive or they will be sent away to get it without signing in. MSS can assist with a one-month current utility service of up to $200 or one-month rent payment up to $300. 


  • Clients must live in our service area  
  • Provide valid photo IDs for every adult in the household
  • Provide social security cards (or birth certificates) for everyone in the household
  • Proof of residence (lease or utility bill with address)
  • Proof of ALL household income: last 3 paystubs; award letters for disability, social security, or unemployment; and child support letter. 
  • Copy of current bill or lease

Clients will have 7 business days to bring in receipt of balance due of the amount over $200 for current charges of utility OR amount over $300 for rent payment. [Example 1: Mr. Smith owes $300 in current charges on his electric bill. He will have to bring in a receipt of $100 showing he paid the balance before MSS puts a pledge on the account. Example 2: Mrs. Jones owes $500 in rent. Along with a signed landlord verification form given by MSS, she needs to bring in a receipt from her landlord showing she paid for $200 before MSS can cut the check for $300.]

 * Checks for rent are cut on Fridays 2pm - 4pm. Clients must bring needed items in by 1:30pm to receive the check made out to their landlord. 
**MSS is unable to assist Section 8 or public housing clients

Please note, as of 08/02/17, MSS cannot fund TXU or mortgage payments.