Mesquite Social Services

MSS staff and board reconstructed our services with the goal of taking a client struggling with poverty and giving them the skills and knowledge to break the cycle. Out of this idea, the idea of the Hand UP! Self-Sufficiency Initiative was born. The Self-Sufficiency Initiative consists of three main programs:

Career Readiness Program
Together with MISD partners, MSS is providing workshops that will teach our clients skills required to obtain employment and independence.

MSS Money Matters Program
MSS partners with financial institutions to help our clients learn basic financial skills like budgeting, using a checking account, and using credit in a responsible manner.

MSS Basic Computer
Many quality jobs in this age require employees to use a computer in some way. Without critical basic computer skills, our clients can face a very real barrier to becoming gainfully employed. MSS Basic Computer Program teaches clients basic computer skills that will give them an edge in the job arena. In addition, clients enrolled in the Hand UP! Self-Sufficiency Initiative will be able to use the MSS Computer Lab anytime during office hours.

Additional Benefits
MSS staff and volunteers will work with each client on an individual basis finding out what barriers are keeping them from becoming more self-sufficient. This may include clothing vouchers to the MSS Thrift Store for clients completing our programs to assist them with appropriate clothing for an interview or work; parenting classes; and ride passes to STAR Transit (as funding allows).